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Cross-border business activities increase the chances for business success - increase but also the risks. We support you in all international business activities, helping you with the use of appropriate financial instruments and ensure your business success.

The success in international trade depends largely on whether how to minimize and control your risks. We support you in your international operations with our correspondent banks in the field of documentary foreign payments with the proper processing of the document business.

Your business success stems from a better control of individual processing steps, a better control of your cash flows and the hedging of economic and political risks.

The letter of credit and the documentary collection are instruments of documentary payments.
For international shipments, the letter of credit is a safe form of processing of payment and credit transactions.

Document credits serve the financing, payment processing, and assurance of exports. Letters of credit to hedge both the exporter and the customers abroad.

The letter of credit is a bank's promise to pay a specified amount to the beneficiary (exporter) within a certain period and against presentation of the documents referred to in the letter of credit given on behalf of the importer to the exporter.
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